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About Cirrus Logic
Cirrus LogicIn the early 1990s, Cirrus Logic was a supplier of low-cost PC graphics chips. Cirrus' Microsoft Windows 2D GUI accelerators (GDI) were among the fastest in the low-end market-segment, outperforming competing VGA-chips from Oak Technologies, Trident Microsystems, and Paradise (Western Digital). For example, the Cirrus GD5422 (1992) supported hardware acceleration for both 8-bit color and 16-bit color. It was one of the lowest-priced SVGA controllers to support both. Cirrus Logic Inc , a fabless semiconductor supplier, specializes in analog, mixed-signal, and audio DSP integrated circuits (ICs). As of 2015 Cirrus Logic has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The company's audio processors and audio converters feature in many professional audio and consumer entertainment products, including smartphones, tablets, portable media players, automotive entertainment systems, home-theater receivers, televisions and docking stations. Cirrus Logic's analog mixed-signal converter chips are also used in a wide variety of energy-related applications, including its new line of LED controllers for the incandescent light-bulb replacement market, as well as energy-measurement chips for applications such as digital utility meters....
Cirrus Logic Representative Products
  • Ethernet
  • Clock Generation and Jit
  • Embedded Processors
  • Codecs
  • Delta-Sigma A/D Converte
  • D/A Converters
  • Seismic
  • A/D Converters
  • Digital Power Factor Cor
  • Amplifiers
  • Energy Measurement
  • Video Converters
  • Cirrus Logic Featured Parts
    CS8416-CSZ - Cirrus Logic
    CS61884-IRZR - Cirrus Logic
    EP7311-IB - Cirrus Logic
    CDB5532U - Cirrus Logic
    CDB4398 - Cirrus Logic
    WM5102ECS/R - Cirrus Logic
    CS5530-ISZ - Cirrus Logic
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