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Naiz Electronics strives to be a world leading electronic components distributor specialist offering Integrated circuits(IC), active and passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components
Naiz Electronics'goal is provide quality Intersil electronic components at competitive prices.
About Intersil
IntersilIntersil is leveraging a deep portfolio of intellectual property, a history of design and process innovation and a system-level view to deliver unique benefits for the latest electronic systems. Intersil’s customers are recognized as innovators in their chosen markets, and our IC solutions are forming the building blocks of the latest devices adding intelligence, mobility and true energy efficiency.We were formed in August 1999 when we acquired the semiconductor business of Harris Corporation and began operating as Intersil Corporation. That history of leadership continued as the company evolved, and in early 2000, Intersil went public in what was then the largest semiconductor IPO in US history.Intersil is built upon guiding principles that reflect the company’s strong sense of commitment to our customers, our long heritage and our intention to be a part of the next 50 years of semiconductor innovation.As a major supplier to the military and aerospace industries, Intersil’s product development methodologies reflect experience designing products to meet the highest standards for reliability and performance in challenging environments....
Intersil Representative Products
  • Security Surveillance
  • DSP
  • High Speed Op Amps
  • Optical Storage
  • MOSFET Drivers
  • Automotive ICs
  • Display ICs
  • Counters/Time Base ICs
  • Gain Blocks
  • Laser Diode Drivers
  • LNB Regulators
  • Sample and Hold Amplifie
  • Broad-Based Resource
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