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About Maxim Integrated
Maxim IntegratedMaxim was founded in April 1983. Its nine initial team members had a variety of experience in semiconductors design and sales. The founding team included Jack Gifford, an industry pioneer since the 1960s; Fred Beck, an IC sales and distribution pioneer; Dave Bingham, General Electric’s Scientist of the Year in 1982; Steve Combs, a pioneer in wafer technologies and manufacturing; Lee Evans, also a pioneer in CMOS analog microchip design and General Electric’s Scientist of the Year in 1982; Dave Fullagar, inventor of the first internally compensated operational amplifier circuit; Roger Fuller, yet another pioneer in CMOS microchip design; Rich Hood, development director for some of the first microprocessor-controlled semiconductor test systems; and Dick Wilenken, who is acknowledged as the father of key analog switch and multiplexer technologies. Based on a two-page business plan, they obtained US$9 million in venture capital to establish the company. In the first year, the company developed 24 second-source products. After that, Maxim designed proprietary products that offered greater differentiation and higher profits.Maxim designs, manufactures, and sells highly integrated analog, mixed-signal, high-frequency, and digital circuits...
Maxim Integrated Representative Products
  • Optical
  • Controllers/Expanders
  • Power Switching
  • Secure NFC Tags and RFID
  • Transceivers
  • Motor Driver ICs
  • Wireless and RF
  • Voltage References
  • Hot-Swap ICs
  • iButton
  • Filters
  • LED Drivers
  • Broad-Based Resource
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