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Naiz Electronics strives to be a world leading electronic components distributor specialist offering Integrated circuits(IC), active and passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components
Naiz Electronics'goal is provide quality Torex electronic components at competitive prices.
About Torex Semiconductor
Torex SemiconductorTOREX is an analog CMOS professional group that specializes in power ICs. Taking advantage of the specialized knowledge and flexibility we have as a dedicated manufacturer, we respond quickly to the development needs of electronic devices, which never cease to become smaller and lighter. Our pride is in each product that is so small it is almost invisible, realized by means of our unique ultra-small package technology.The size may be ultra-small, but the impact is unlimited. From familiar mobile devices such as smartphones, digital cameras and computers, to in-vehicle systems such as car navigation, ETC in-vehicle devices and power windows, and even industrial equipment such as robots, the performance of our products has a reputation for excellence in every field.With sophisticated technology, strong marketing, and a forward-looking response to environmental concerns, TOREX will continue to pioneer new paths in power ICs.TOREX products are manufactured at plants which conduct periodic internal quality control audits and which have obtained ISO 9001 certification for their quality management systems. ...
Torex Semiconductor Representative Products
  • Load Switch
  • Voltage Regulators
  • LED Lighting Driver
  • Transient VoltageSuppres
  • Voltage Detectors
  • Diodes
  • DC/DC Converters
  • PLL ClockGenerator ICs
  • Oscillator IC
  • Hall IC(Magnetic Sensor)
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Battery Charge IC
  • Broad-Based Resource
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